Dual Cortex Gaming


Nick van der Meulen

Game Developer, Art & Design
Team: Nick van der Meulen - Game Developer, Art & Design

Xander Horjus

Game Developer, Technical Engineer
Team: Xander Horjus - Technical Engineer

Brent van der Meulen

Creative Mind
Team: Brent van der Meulen - Creative Mind

About Us

Indie Since 2014

“We believe that mobile games should allow people to play for short moments but still be challenging in the process. ”

Therefore, at Dual Cortex Gaming, we designed our game Henry the Cloud to have a broad appeal, require players to think ahead and be equipped with quick reflexes. Our game is available for tablets and smartphones using both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

Nick van der Meulen

When Nick came up with the concept of Henry the Cloud a couple of years ago he wouldn’t have thought that it would take shape this quickly. He recently graduated from the University of Amsterdam obtaining a Master of Arts degree in New Media and Digital culture, specializing on how virtual reality, specifically the Oculus Rift, can be positioned by Facebook as its new communication platform.

Xander Horjus

Having made his first website at just under 10 years old, programming and engineering quickly became a passion and second nature for Xander. By now he has obtained his Master's degree in Software Engineering and only thinks in algorithms and code.

Brent van der Meulen

Growing up, Brent had two passions: sports and gaming. If he wasn’t sitting before the TV playing with one of his consoles, he could be found around the gym or dojo training his ass off. When not gaming or working-out, Brent spends most of his time at the University of Applied Sciences pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics. However, his lifelong obsession with gaming took over recently when he agreed to be part of the Henry the Cloud team.


Henry the Cloud

Games: Henry the Cloud for mobile platforms

Can you control the wind?

...then guide Henry as he sets off on his grand adventure through the sky!

Swipe to create wind bursts to move around Henry and protect him from obstacles and enemies. Power-up with the power of the rainbow, unlock prestigious characters and items to upgrade your stats and boost your performance. Compete with Facebook friends or strive for world domination on the global leaderboards!

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Dual Cortex Gaming
Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Founding date

July 2014



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Henry the Cloud (September 15, 2016)


Havenstraat 8
1506 PG Zaandam
The Netherlands


Dual Cortex Gaming is an independent game development studio founded by Nick van der Meulen, Xander Horjus and Brent van der Meulen in the Netherlands and the creator of Henry the Cloud.

In the summer of 2014, Dual Cortex Gaming was born. As all members were preoccupied with following a full time study programme or entrepreneuring at the time, development of the studio's first game, Henry the Cloud, proved to be a tough challenge. Despite this, a private beta launch of Henry the Cloud was successfully attained in March 2016, with a global release of September 15, 2016.


Henry the Cloud


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Henry the Cloud Gameplay Trailer


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Team & Contact

Nick van der Meulen
Developer - Art & Design
Xander Horjus
Developer - Technical Engineering
Brent van der Meulen
Creative Mind

For more information about Henry the Cloud or Dual Cortex Gaming, hit us up with an email at press@dualcortexgaming.com. Alternatively, email us directly on one of the addresses above.